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Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women, which are approximately 176 million women worldwide. Endometriosis is often called an "invisible illness" and too many women are misguided, misdiagnosed, and misinformed. New information and studies are becoming more prevalent and we are learning more about this debilitating disease. Information such as hysterectomy and pregnancy being a "cure" for Endo need to stay in the past and we all must come together to learn and guide each other as we enter into a new age of information on Endo!

To learn more about Endometriosis and help educate others, please visit Endo What? There you will find the informative, groundbreaking documentary and the toolkit (pictured) for the school nurse initiative. 
“Our goal is to provide a Toolkit to every School Nurse in the U.S. & beyond.”

Our speakers from the 2018 march

Kip Mackenzie


Malcolm W. “Kip” Mackenzie MD is an OBGYN at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge . He graduated from Dartmouth Medical School, completed residency at Maine Medical Center and after a fellowship year at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, was for fourteen years , Chair of OBGYN at Dartmouth Hitchcock-Keene. Currently an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, he works with medical students from both Harvard and Boston University and OBGYN Residents from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. With training in medical/surgical education, he has developed highly effective surgical training curricula, high fidelity surgical simulation platforms and provided advanced training to surgeons throughout the country. His patients have taught him to “hear” the presence of the disease in their complex narritives. To “see” endometriosis in complex female anatomy, he has schooled himself in its biology. He has trained himself to a most advanced surgical skill to effectively “treat” it. He has realized that endometriosis is an issue of social injustice: endometriosis is the most common , most debilitating, and the most woefully undertreated disease, leaving women silenced in their suffering. With deep passion and as a matter of mission, he teaches a comtemporary clinical understanding of endometriosis , teaches advanced and effective surgical technique, hoping that a next generation of practitioners will, with compassion, fully “hear”, “see” and “treat” this devastating disease. Dr. Mackenzie has no disclosures.

Marty Robbins


Dr Martin Robbins graduated from the University of Illinois Medical School & completed a residency in OB/Gyn at Rush Presbyterian St Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago where he was raised. He has been in practice for 33 years and is a Fellow of the American College of OB/Gyn. For the past 21 years he has focused his practice on treatment of endometriosis & a variety of other gynecologic conditions using minimally invasive surgical techniques. In 1998 Dr Robbins moved with his wife & three sons to Maine. There he established his practice Advanced Women’s Health Care & The New England Center for Endometriosis. Since then he has successfully treated hundreds of women with endometriosis, an often-times debilitating condition. As a result of his skillful, thorough, surgical technique, women frequently express a sense of having been given their lives back following surgery. Many patients have successfully conceived following excision surgery done by Dr. Robbins. Throughout his career Dr Robbins has augmented his basic surgical training by seeking out advanced learning opportunities with experts around the country. He has participated in preceptorships & individualized tutorials with some of the most respected gynecologic experts in their fields. In addition, videos demonstrating his surgical techniques have been presented at a number of professional meetings. Dr Robbins is on staff at Maine Medical Center. Dr. Robbins performs surgery at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine and at Outpatient Surgical Center in Scarborough, Maine. He is a member of the Endometriosis Association, American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL), New England Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (NEAGL), and the Society for Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS). Dr Robbins believes in personalized care & offers his patients unprecedented personal access for questions & concerns via email, cell phone & internet. In addition to his surgical skills, he is well known for his quiet, compassionate, caring demeanor. His patients travel to Maine from all over the country and around the world. Dr. Robbins has no disclosures.

Shannon Cohn

Director/Producer - Endo What?

For over a decade, Shannon has produced award-winning feature films and TV series for Discovery Channel and NatGeo. Before that, she practiced international law and was part of the legal team that prosecuted Enron. She went to film school at NYU and has a law degree from Vanderbilt.

That’s what she’s done, but not who she is. 

She’s a wife, a mother, a daughter. She’s a woman who lives with severe endometriosis. In her case, that means over 20 years of debilitating pain, miscarriages, multiple surgeries and misdiagnoses. 

She started thinking about how little things have changed since she first had symptoms at 16. Women still go to an average of 6-8 doctors for 8-10 years before they are diagnosed. They are still told it’s in their heads, that pregnancy and hysterectomy are cures, and that pain is normal. 

She started thinking. What if there were a film to help stop this vicious cycle? A film to put power in the hands of women. 

This is that film.

Sallie Sarrel


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Sallie is trained in a wide range of physical therapy techniques.  She specializes in internal and external pelvic mobilization, myofascial release, cranial sacral and visceral manipulation, having trained at the Upledger Institute and with Jean Pierre Barral. She believes in balancing the body’s muscles, bones, and nerves to help treat pain disorders.  Her extensive knowledge of these techniques allows her to formulate a plan uniquely designed for each patient.   

Recent data linking pelvic and jaw pain makes her world-renowned experience in treating temporal-mandibular joint dysfunction syndrome (TMJ) an important part of her practice as well.

Dr. Sarrel is a Pilates Academy International certified instructor as well as a certified pre and postnatal pilates specialist through The Center for Women’s Fitness.  Since movement is a crucial component of neuroplasticity, helping the body reorganize to combat pain, Sallie utilizes customized pilates programs extensively.  These innovative exercise routines are designed to suit each patient’s specific needs, help free the body from old patterns, and create new pain-free movement.  Her work as a movement therapist is crucial to conditioning the body prior to surgery and for regaining strength and endurance post-operatively.
Sallie’s favorite role as Pelvic PT is the one of sleuth. Taking the time and attention required to get to the bottom of complex and difficult chronic pelvic pain is a specialized focus of the practice. It is extremely rewarding to see women progress beyond the anonymity and suffering of pelvic pain into the world of health and wellness. 

Casey Berna


Casey is a licensed social worker with years of experience as a counselor, advocate, and community organizer. Casey provides counseling to patients suffering from endometriosis and infertlity in North Carolina. She runs patient-support groups through her affliliations with RESOLVE and EndoWarriors, and also supports, coaches, and educates patients worldwide through her participation in the online community. Inspired by her own struggle with endometriosis, infertlity, and recurrent preganancy loss, Casey has contributed to these communities for years as a writer and activist. Last year her documentary, Endotruths: The Impact of Endometriosis and Infertlity on Mental Health, debuted at The Unmentionables Film Festival in New York CIty. In her spare time, Casey supports and volunteers for non-profits working to improve the lives of patients in these communities. She is thrilled to be part of the movement. Casey Berna has no disclosures.

Kate Weldon LeBlanc

Executive Director - RESOLVE NE

Kate Weldon LeBlanc joined RESOLVE New England (RNE) in January 2015 as the Executive Director.  In this role, Kate Weldon LeBlanc leads the strategic vision of the organization and works collectively with the staff, Board of Directors and professional members to grow the services of RNE throughout the New England region. Kate has a strong personal and professional commitment to the mission of RESOLVE New England. Prior to her arrival at RNE, she worked for the Center for Early Relationship Support of JF&CS, the Child Advocacy and Government Relations departments at Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Massachusetts Legislature. Kate holds a BSW from Skidmore College and an MPA from UMass Boston.

About Our Team

Nicole Pearlstein

Founder Endo Enigma 

Nicole Pearlstein is the New England endometriosis advocate and a registered dental hygienist

and practice manager in Newton, Massachusetts. Nicole graduated from Northeastern

University and Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists in 1994. She has practiced dentistry for 23

years and was among the first of hygienists to be awarded a license in local anesthesia when

the bill was passed in Massachusetts in 2005. Nicole has managed multi discipline practices

both from a clinical aspect and from a business perspective throughout greater Boston over the

course of her professional career as a hygienist , but her most rewarding work has been as the

New England endometriosis advocate. As a sufferer of the disease and mom of a teenage

daughter also with the disease, Nicole saw the need within New England to offer a voice to the

1 in 10 women and girls afflicted with endometriosis. In 2016, Nicole planned and hosted a CME

accredited event at Gillette Stadium that premiered the ground breaking film, “ Endo What?” by

film producer Shannon Cohn. Among the premier was a panel of the top specialists and

advocates in the field of endometriosis speaking on the disease, as well as a patient

perspective. It was among the most successful events within the endometriosis community.

Nicole also planned and hosted the first ever endometriosis march which was held on the

Boston Common 2017 following an intimate panel and patient event at Hampshire House . The

second annual endometriosis march was held this past march on Boston Common . In addition,

Nicole has spoken at Planned Parenthood, Harvard medical school, MIT medical school, and

grand rounds at Mt. Auburn Hospital. Nicole has attended endometriosis congress in

Vancouver, and AAGL meetings in DC representing New England . Nicole has also served as

an admin and contributor to the Greater Boston Endo support group on FaceBook which serves

over 500 women and is growing with each day. Nicole has spearheaded a research group which

includes multiple doctors and advocates to gather research to help change the way the disease

is managed by providers. Nicole works with film producer, Shannon Cohn to educate school

nurses nationwide with an initiative that provides valuable information for identifying young girls

who may have endometriosis so that treatment can begin earlier.

Nicole lives in Newton, Mass with her three teenagers Gianni, Luca, Michela Rosa and her mini

Schnauzer, Jack.

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